Movie review: Golden hair, a frying pan and a chameleon
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Movie review: Tangled


Golden hair, a frying pan and a chameleon

Once upon a time there was a film studio called Disney. Its main agenda: the creation of family friendly cartoons. And before the age of Disney+, a thousand real life versions of the same old story and the purchasing of their competitors, it actually released some pretty good movies.

Can't believe that? “Tangled”, published in 2010, is the perfect example of taking a simple and well-known plot and taking it on a whole new, modernized level. Animated in an astonishingly beautiful way, we accompany a joyful, brave and curious Rapunzel on her escape from her tower, where she had been imprisoned by a mean sorcerer. Not only has the flashy prince been replaced by a most charming crook, they are also accompanied by a tough little chameleon and a proud, conscientious horse. In other words, the compulsive sidekicks are cute and indisputably amiable.

On the other hand, we have the classic fairy tale villain: A mean old woman on a ruthless quest for eternal youth. Conveniently, Rapunzel's long golden hair does not only accentuate her beauty, it gives her superpowers: She is now able to heal wounds, cure illness and slow down the aging process.

“Tangled” provides with a self-determined, strong leading character, modernizing the outdated stereotype of a helpless princess in danger needing to be saved by a sword-wielding prince.

The updated Rapunzel can be described as a suitable role model for young boys and girls alike, and I can tell from own experience how very much my brother and I loved watching her and her companions fighting their way through the magical fantasy world. Actually, I remember my parents being fans of the humorous tone and the rapid, but entertaining storytelling as well.

And what better way is there to prove a movies suitability for a fun family film night? Not to forget the musical interludes to sing along, completing lighthearted dances or suspenseful pursuits.

Especially in these times, seeing Rapunzel searching for new activities in her small tower chamber seems more than relatable, while her finally breaking out is the freeing escape we all need. And even though we are currently due to the Corona-crisis unable to be carried away by beautiful pictures on the big screen: At least we can watch “Tangled”s shining Chinese lanterns magically flying like signs of hope in the blue dark.

Michaela (17), Q1 Gymnasium, Lerngruppe J2